My latest work: Rainbonium

Maybe this neon rainbow prism seems familiar. Rainbonium is a fictitious element of my own creation and the rarest substance in the known Glitterverse. It’s also a reoccurring motif in my art. I’ve always been drawn to rocks and crystals from my earliest memories.

When you’re working on art that takes a while, like anything that involves stippling, you have time to think. I tend to let my mind meander and imagine fantastic places that don’t exist.

I started this work with neon and black markers to draw the rainbonium and celestial bodies. I stippled the black part of space with a fine tip marker to create swirls, galaxies, and nebulas. I filled the background with a wash of water colors in purple, navy and black. Finally, I used white acrylic paint with a fine tip paint brush for the thousands of stars that surround the central singular hunk of rainbonium.

Oh yeah, did I mention it reacts under UV light?


I’m really pleased to have finished another work of art after the last one took so long. Let me know your thoughts. I gladly accept constructive criticism as I am always trying to improve my skills as an artist. Thank you!

Latest Work: Untitled, 2015

It’s finally done! I feel like I’ve been working on this all summer.


I haven’t titled this work yet. Any ideas would be wonderful. This is obviously a reiteration of the swamps trees from Swampland of the Sage, 2014 I loved the trees but I thought I could a larger, better version with a closer attention to detail. I used black micron fine tip art pens and water colors. I poured countless hours into this piece and I’m relieved that it came out well.

As always, comments and constructive criticism are appreciated.

Friday Favorite: Knitting in Fall

Every fall I always break out the knitting needles and start making hats. And even though I just gave away skeins of yarn as part of reorganizing I picked up this sparkling silver yarn to make a knit hat. 

I find double pointed needles to be a hassle so I use knitting in the round needles until the top of the hat. 

My progress so far:


What’s your favorite way to spend your autumn? 

In my sketchbook: Sydney of the Galaxies


Life has been keeping busy lately. I’ve been reorganizing my apartment as I clear out my storage unit. I’ve also started eating better and working out. Most recently I caught a summer cold and I’m recovering from that now. I haven’t had a lot of time for my creative pursuits. But I haven’t forgotten my blog! As I finish a few projects I’ll be sharing them here but it’s hard to say how long that will be. To hold my wonderful readers over, this is what I’ve been doodling in my sketchbook recently.